Hydration vs hyaluronic acid

It might seem that we already know everything about hyaluronic acid. However, most women still associate hyaluronic acid only with treatments aimed at filling and enlarging the lips or modeling the contours of the face. Remember that these are the effects that are provided by the use of hyaluronic acid, but they are mainly due … Read more

Skin discoloration – how to prevent and treat?

We start the fall season and change our care routine with it. Lower temperatures and much less exposure to the sun are conducive to the performance of such aesthetic treatments that we gave up in the summer. For many women and men, the beginning of autumn is also a time of intensive skin regeneration after … Read more

Hyaluronic acid – a synonym of beauty

In recent years, hyaluronic acid has been a very fashionable and popular ingredient used in aesthetic medicine and cosmetics. From home care, to beauty treatments and aesthetic medicine – hyaluronic acid is certainly one of the most used ingredients with which we improve and rejuvenate our appearance. Why? About this in today’s post.  When looking … Read more

Lips – modelling, firming, enlarging in the Dr. Stachura Clinic

The lip augmentation, modeling and firming treatment has been the most popular aesthetic medicine treatment in recent years. It gives immediate visible effects and allows you to emphasize your beauty by adding sensuality. Lips that are proportional, moisturized and shaped add self-confidence and are an attribute of femininity. Today let’s talk about correcting, enlarging and … Read more

Needle mesotherapy of the face

Facial needle mesotherapy has been a well-known and popular treatment in aesthetic medicine for many years. It is used on such body parts of as face, neck and cleavage. This procedure improves the appearance and condition of the skin, regenerates is, firms and shallows wrinkles. What is the needle mesotherapy treatment? Who is it dedicated … Read more

Body modeling without the use of the scalpel – Ultraformer III

Modern aesthetic medicine constantly verifies the needs of patients and adjusts its offer to changing conditions. Fast pace of life and frequent lack of time determine the trends in non-invasive treatments and those that do not require time for convalescence. More and more treatments can be performed all year. One of such solutions is the … Read more

Effective laser hair removal

In recent years, especially before the holiday season, laser hair removal has become more and more popular. The dream of perfectly smooth skin without the need to regularly repeat traditional hair removal treatments applies to both women and men. Laser hair removal is the most effective method of fighting unwanted hair, it gives satisfying results … Read more

Photoprotection – an absolutely obligatory element of skin care

Protecting the skin against harmful effects of solar radiation is essential when it comes to proper and comprehensive care. It is widely known how harmful and dangerous the effects the sun has on our face and body skin when it is not protected against UVA and UVB radiation. It is absolutely essential in our care, … Read more

Body – effective treatments for the upcoming summer

Spring time is does not only mean planning vacations and trips, but also preparing the body for the upcoming summer season. This is where aesthetic medicine comes in handy, offering many effective solutions for people who want to improve their appearance. According to experts at the Dr. Stachura Clinic, there are several ways to have … Read more

Sleep – a natural ally in the fight against wrinkles

A day full of duties, work until late evening, and when you go to bed it is difficult to fall asleep, because thoughts revolve around duties the next day. Alarm clock ringing as dawn, then coffee – first, second and subsequent … So often we think about good physical condition, regular exercise, healthy diet, supplements … Read more