Aptos lifting threads – an alternative to more invasive, surgical procedures

The development of aesthetic medicine makes rejuvenating treatments more effective and more accessible. The result is that every year more and more women – and men – decide to take care of their skin condition and restore its younger appearance. A solution often chosen among our patients are lifting threads, the purpose of which is … Read more

NLift holistic approach in aesthetic medicine

A holistic approach to health and lifestyle has become very popular in recent times. It is an assumption that speaks of a holistic approach to all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. If we care about health – let’s also take care of the body and mind. The holistic approach has also found its application in … Read more

What treatments to effectively regenerate the skin before an important event, when we only have about a week to do so?

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are fast approaching. During this time, we are all extremely busy and busy preparing for the most special and magical time of the year. This is the time when we first and foremost think about others – we buy gifts, prepare Christmas meetings, visit our loved ones. We then have … Read more

Alopecia part 2 – diagnosis and treatment of alopecia

When we see excessive hair loss, strong thinning or unsightly patches of skin with hair loss, we immediately receive alarming signals that this situation should be examined by a doctor. Androgenetic and plaque alopecia are two different types of hair loss with different causes. You can read about it in our earlier post, and today … Read more

Alopecia part 1 – types and causes of hair loss

The problem of alopecia, i.e. excessive hair loss, is usually associated with the elderly and it is age that explains this phenomenon. Unfortunately, baldness affects younger and younger people, both men and women. To a large extent, the reasons are environmental conditions and the ever faster pace of life, and with it increasing stress. So … Read more

CO₂ Fractional laser – perfect skin without imperfections

The CO₂ fractional laser is a modern tool in the fight against skin imperfections, such as discoloration, wrinkles and scars. In the hands of an experienced specialist, it can be an alternative to minor surgical procedures. It is an ideal treatment for this time of the year, autumn lower temperatures will ease the healing and … Read more

Rosacea – how to recognize and treat?

Although flushed cheeks are a sign of health that adds charm to us, a blush that does not disappear from our face is most often a sign of couperose skin. This serious problem with inflexible blood vessels results in the appearance of characteristic spider veins on the skin of the face. Such skin is additionally … Read more