What treatments to effectively regenerate the skin before an important event, when we only have about a week to do so?

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are fast approaching. During this time, we are all extremely busy and busy preparing for the most special and magical time of the year. This is the time when we first and foremost think about others – we buy gifts, prepare Christmas meetings, visit our loved ones. We then have less time to think about ourselves. Fatigue and winter weather make themselves felt, which adversely affects the appearance of our skin. How to deal with it in a short time? Fortunately, aesthetic medicine offers a lot of possibilities.

The end of the year is an extremely intense time for many people. Fatigue, lack of sunlight and cold, humid air have a negative impact on the condition of our skin. It is often dehydrated, which is also a result of staying in heated rooms, alternating with cold outside air. Stress and insufficient sleep also contribute to poor skin condition. Gray and tired complexion, visible wrinkles and skin changes are the problems that women most often face at this time. 

After all, when we decorate the house for Christmas, prepare dinner, buy gifts for all our relatives, we want to look and feel beautiful ourselves! For this, our skin needs immediate regeneration and hydration. A visit to an aesthetic medicine clinic for a one-time treatment that will not require long convalescence is an ideal idea to think about yourself for a moment and take care not only of your appearance but also of your well-being.

Until New Year’s Eve, there is still some time to regenerate the skin, add radiance and tension to it. Even if we spend this year’s New Year’s Eve at home, we should always feel beautiful! Here are some treatment options that will quickly improve the appearance and condition of the skin:


The botulinum toxin treatment is one of the oldest treatments in aesthetic medicine. It serves not only to improve the appearance, but is also used in the treatment of various diseases, such as hyperhidrosis. Local injection of botulinum allows you to smooth out mimic wrinkles and improve skin tension. It is called the elixir of youth because its use gives the effect of rejuvenating the skin by getting rid of wrinkles. Botulinum toxin works by locally reducing the tension of the muscles responsible for specific facial expressions. It makes the skin in these areas less wrinkled, looking younger and healthier. Botulinum is most often used around the eyebrow, forehead and around the eyes. Skilfully made botulinum treatment, by an experienced doctor, does not affect the facial expressions artificially. The undoubted advantage of botulinum toxin is the high degree of safety when using it. The procedure itself is quick, non-invasive, and the effects are visible almost immediately. 

Fillers based on hyaluronic acid

A great supplement to botulinum toxin are fillers based on hyaluronic acid, which binds water molecules, retaining them in the skin. The effect of this treatment is deep hydration, smoothing wrinkles and improving skin tension. Thanks to hyaluronic acid, we will not only moisturize and rejuvenate our skin, but also lift the corners of the lips, fill and moisturize the lips, correct the contours of the face, fill the cavities and the tear valley, and raise the eyebrow. This treatment is very safe, does not cause allergic reactions, and all traces of its use in the form of redness or swelling disappear after 2–3 days.

Needle mesotherapy

Facial needle mesotherapy gives fantastic results such as improved skin elasticity, elimination of wrinkles, protection against harmful external effects, firming and elasticity, making the face look younger and radiant. It is also an effective tool to fight skin discoloration or unwanted dark circles under the eyes. The most common ingredients that are used in face needle mesotherapy are hyaluronic acid and mixtures of vitamins individually selected by a dermatologist, depending on the needs and expected effects. In addition to the factor of skin self-regeneration during needle mesotherapy, the most important role in the performance of this treatment is played by an appropriately selected mixture of active ingredients, selected by a dermatologist.

It is a procedure involving the use of pulsating needles that deliver active substances to the epidermis – similar to needle mesotherapy. The natural system of self-regeneration and reconstruction of the new epidermis is triggered. The treatment with the use of the specialized apparatus consists of three main phases of operation:

  • stimulation of the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid,
  • stimulation of fibroblasts (dermis cells responsible for the production of collagen) through the action of platelet-derived growth factors,
  • improvement of skin density, elasticity and nourishment.

Microneedle mesotherapy is great for dry, flabby and dull skin, for enlarged pores, scars and unsightly birthmarks. Spontaneous biological renewal through the skin regeneration mechanism is a reliable and very safe way to improve the appearance and vitality of the skin. The procedure itself is quick and painless, it may be accompanied by a slight burning sensation, which passes quickly after proper skin hydration.

These are only examples of treatments that we propose to our patients for about a week or two before a special occasion. They give immediate and spectacular results that often last for a long time. Regardless of what group and how we will spend the upcoming holidays and New Year’s Eve, taking care of your appearance, well-being and self-confidence is an invaluable gesture for yourself during this busy and intense time.