Our clinic is dominated by the highest world-class equipment. Our devices give groundbreaking and spectacular results.

Equipment - ExcelVCutera edited

Vascular laser

Equipment - Ultraformer III edited

HIFU, non-invasive lifting

Equipment - Vivace edited

Micro needle fractionation – skin rejuvenation and regeneration

Equipment - ExcelHRCutera 1 edited

Laser hair removal

Equipment - LaserFrakcyjnyCO2 1 edited

Fraction Laser CO2 — Skin imperfections, rejuvenation

Equipment - Plexr edited

Non-surgical eyelid lifting

Equipment - regenera activa edited

Treatment of androgenetic alopecia

Equipment - Enderomologia LPG Alliance edited

Versatile drainage massage

Equipment - LaserGenesis edited


Equipment - Geneo edited

Rejuvenation, firming, natural skin smoothing

Equipment - dermapen edited

Needle mesotherapy

Equipment - hifuuc edited

Gynaecological HiFu – regeneration of intimate areas

Equipment - Dermalux Tri Wave MD edited

LED light therapy

Equipment - clatuu alpha classys advanced medical cryolipolysis edited

Non-invasive reduction of adipose tissue

Equipment - zaffiro edited

Non-invasive thermolifting

Equipment - schwarzy edited

Non-invasive technology for muscle stimulation

Equipment - icoone lasermed edited

Vacuum massage with laser and LED stimulation

Equipment - enlighten edited

Picosecond laser — Tattoo removal

Equipment - LaseMD ULTRA

Thulium laser — Skin revitalization

Equipment - vmat pro edited

Non-invasive shockwave treatment for reduction of cellulite, lipid oedema and scars.

Equipment - eco2 edited

Fractional laser CO2 — Skin resurfacing

Equipment - Sectum Top b

Labia and vaginal revitalization treatment.
Non-invasive lifting, improvement of skin density

Equipment - FRx Intenz CO2 LVR416

Gynecological fractional laser — Revitalization of intimate areas