Holistic approach in aesthetic medicine

A holistic approach to health and lifestyle has become very popular in recent times. It is an assumption that speaks of a holistic approach to all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. If we care about health – let’s also take care of the body and mind. The holistic approach has also found its application in aesthetic medicine and care, allowing you to look at aesthetic treatments from a different perspective and use the latest technologies of cosmetics and devices to achieve excellent results.

An innovative approach to aesthetic medicine, which combines the use of fillers, device, cosmeceuticals and supplements into one so-called treatment protocol. On this basis, an innovative NLift treatment emerged, which consists of two procedures, care with professional cosmeceuticals and supplementation.

The initial stage of the procedure, during the first visit to the Dr Stachura Clinic, is proper skin preparation for the entire procedure. Thorough cleansing of the skin of make-up and any impurities is done with the cosmeceuticals, which, with thorough cleansing, also protects the skin’s hydro-lipid barrier. Bioretinol from the flowers of the turnip regulates the process of skin keratosis and smooths its texture, and the ceramide complex helps to rebuild the skin’s protective mantle. The next step is the antioxidant tonic restores the optimal pH of the skin and perfectly prepares it for further stages of treatment.

The next step is to use biorevitalizing formula with an exceptionally high concentration of hyaluronic acid and enriched with calcium hydroxyapatite. The action of these ingredients provides the skin with vitality and smoothness, thanks to the high moisturizing properties of the preparation.

The final stage of this first part of the treatment is to put on the mask, which has a unique blend of active nourishing and moisturizing ingredients that stimulate the skin to regenerate faster. Already 15 minutes of using the mask, the facial skin is calmed down and the lifting effect is visible. Additionally, the patient receives a set of cosmeceuticals and supplements at home.

The next procedure, which constitutes the whole treatment, is applied a week after the first visit to our Clinic and starts again with a thorough cleansing of the skin using cosmeceutics. The next step is to use the treatment, i.e. non-invasive, painless thermolifting and water peeling. It is carried out using a modern device that gradually warms up the deep layers of the skin and stimulates the shortening of collagen fibers responsible for tightening and firming. It is the so-called thermolifting that gives the effect of rejuvenation and brightening. The device uses infrared light to remodel collagen and intensely stimulates fibroblasts to produce new collagen fibers. The effect of the entire treatment is densification, improvement of skin tension and elasticity.

The next step is to use an individually selected filler based on hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acids are resistant to thermal energy, so they can be successfully used in therapies using lasers, radio waves and ultrasound.

The final step is to apply the regenerating mask, which calms the skin and supports the regeneration processes. Finally, to complete the comprehensive effects of the treatment, we use a shot with a high concentration of vitamin C, which effectively revitalizes the epidermis, brightens it and stimulates collagen production. The whole thing ends with the application of a cream, which provides the skin with adequate hydration, strengthens the protective barrier and takes care of a balanced skin microbiome.

We recommend cosmeceuticals for home use to anyone who wants to fully preserve the effects of the treatment and maintain skin revitalization daily. These are products based on natural ingredients that have been composed in a unique and innovative way. Their action is confirmed by many years of in-depth research, and their regular use provides brilliant results. Also, clinical trials of the effectiveness of the treatment have given wonderful effects and results. After 21 days, skin hydration in people after this treatment increased by 45%, skin elasticity by 60% and the amount of fibroblasts (cells of the dermis that are responsible for collagen synthesis) by 101%! Studies have also shown that these effects lasted for a very long time.

The holistic nature of the procedure is based on the use of deeply nourishing ingredients from the inside and outside, as well as by supplementing it with daily home care. Thanks to this, the effects are visible not only after the treatment, but also persist in the long term. The treatment is primarily a deep revitalization and renewal of the skin, hydration, oxygenation, rejuvenation and the effect of a non-invasive lifting. We recommend this treatment to all who want to restore the lost face volume, smooth wrinkles and take care of their appearance comprehensively.