Banquet treatments – cosmetology at the Dr Stachura Clinic

In the last post on our blog, we introduced the topic of aesthetic treatments that give fantastic results and can be performed for a week – two before an important event for which we want to properly prepare. But what if it is one day or even several hours until the big exit and our skin needs immediate regeneration? Aesthetic medicine also has solutions for such situations! Today, a few words about last minute treatments, the so-called “Banquets”.

The so-called “banquet treatments”, i.e. those that give immediate results, are non-invasive and can be performed just before going to an important event, are becoming more and more popular among aesthetic treatments. The main feature of this type of treatment is the lack of convalescence after their implementation, painlessness, and a very low risk of unwanted bruising or swelling. All such treatments give an effect right after leaving the office and their main goal is deep skin regeneration and hydration. After the so-called banquets, we look refreshed, rejuvenated and the skin becomes radiant.

One of the flagship treatments that we perform at the Dr Stachura Clinic is an extensive range of procedures that allow you to obtain rejuvenated, firm and natural-looking skin. The treatments give immediate and long-lasting effects, also thanks to the lifting possibilities. Depending on the desired effect and skin type, the procedures are different treatment options:

  • BRIGHTENING – a treatment that nourishes and brightens the skin, giving it a radiant appearance.
  • REJUVENATION – a treatment that prevents skin ageing, moisturizes and nourishes.
  • ILLUMINATION AND ENHANCEMENT OF THE COLOUR – thanks to the unique combination of active ingredients, the effect is the improvement of skin tone and exceptional illumination.
  • OILY SKIN BALANCING – the treatment balances and cleanses the oily skin and improves its structure and colour.
  • INTENSIVE REVITALIZATION – the perfect solution when we want to revitalize dull skin, rejuvenate and reduce fine wrinkles.

Lifting effect without a scalpel. It is carried out using a modern device that gradually warms up the deep layers of the skin and stimulates the shortening of collagen fibers responsible for tightening and firming. It is the so-called thermolifting, which gives the effect of rejuvenation and illumination. The device uses four technologies – infrared, water peeling (which is an introduction to the entire treatment and preparation of the skin for the administration of active ingredients, but it can also be a treatment in itself and can be performed separately), a diagnostic camera and a GPRS system. The final effect after the treatment is best visible after a few hours. Then the skin becomes thickened, taut and elastic.

An alternative to treatments with the use of specialized devices is the so-called white cosmetology, i.e. treatments based on specialized cosmeceutical products that have an advanced effect on the skin. Our experienced team of cosmetologists selects the appropriate treatment for the needs of the skin.

Cosmeceutical treatment

It is a unique treatment that activates the biological processes of skin tissue renewal at the cellular level. It combines a delicate exfoliation of the epidermis with a renewing effect. It involves the use of AHA / BHA acids and concentrated active substances without the need to disturb the continuity of the epidermis. They are used sequentially during the procedure:

  • Base peel-off mask with additives – active substances appropriately matched to each patient and plant extract to soothe irritations,
  • Acids in the form of an occlusive gel: salicylic, almond and glycolic,
  • Active substances with anti-acne, anti-aging and antioxidant properties, ampoules for discoloration and for sensitive skin.

The effect of this treatment is rejuvenation, improvement of skin tone, hydration, lightening and smoothing out fine lines. 

A brand of professional cosmeceuticals intended for skin care, i.e. products containing unique formulas and biological active ingredients that ensure their effectiveness. These cosmetics, available only in aesthetic medicine offices, doctor’s offices and clinics, combined with specialist knowledge and rich active ingredients, guarantee wonderful results. The way to have a beautiful and healthy complexion, is to use vitamin C and sunscreen during the day and vitamin A during night care. This unique method of action provides comprehensive protection and nourishment of the skin around the clock.

Cosmeceuticals professional formulas

A line of cosmeceuticals with which you can perform professional aesthetic treatments – they are based on medical procedures and contain a blend of the most famous and effective acids, vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, trace elements and anti-inflammatory substances. This treatment is a controlled resurfacing, which actively stimulates the regeneration of cells in the skin with minimal irritation, which differs from traditional, mechanical peels exfoliating only the outer layers of the epidermis. During this treatment, the layer of the epidermis is removed, the damaged layers of the skin are replaced in a controlled manner, and the process of collagen production is activated. Depending on the needs, this treatment can be used on acne problematic skin, discolouration, sensitive skin and capillary skin in need of rejuvenation and immediate lifting.

Banquet treatments are an ideal option for people expecting an immediate effect, without the need for convalescence. These treatments are especially popular during the festive and carnival season, but there are many patients who appreciate this type of quick and effective action throughout the year.