Lipofilling – Fat Tissue Transplant: A Safe Way to Look Beautiful, Natural

Regardless of gender, most of us want to always look young and beautiful. We try to use many ways to stop the aging process. Unfortunately, to our disappointment, we can only slow down this mechanism. However, do not worry, because aesthetic medicine comes to our aid in this case as well. The perfect way to fight aging will certainly be lipofilling. This innovative method involves transplanting your own body fat from one area to another. Our own fat will help us reduce the unwanted signs of aging – isn’t that a brilliant solution? In addition, we will model the oval of the face with it safely. In a moment you will find out why this method is so unique and how it works. We invite you to read more!

However, before we learn about lipofilling, it is worth considering the role of adipose tissue in the aging of the face. One of the most recognizable signs of the passing of time is the change in the face oval and loss of volume in some parts of the face. With age, there are changes in the structure of muscles, bones and the distribution of adipose tissue, which results in the appearance of wrinkles. When it comes to adipose tissue, it appears under the skin in the form of the so-called fat pads, which become gravity over time. This results in a change in the shape of the face. 

Lipofilling, as already mentioned, is an innovative method of transplanting adipose tissue cells from one area to another. This treatment is primarily used to improve and rejuvenate the appearance. We can use it to fill wrinkles, nasolabial furrows and tear troughs that have already arisen to provide the patient with a young look. We very often use lipotransfer in our clinic because it allows for a perfect and natural effect.

At the Dr. Stachur Clinic, we use lipofilling with the most advanced Arthrex system. Adipose tissue that is to be used for nano transplant in a small amount is taken from the area of its excessive occurrence. This process is usually very gentle and safe under local anesthesia. Then the collected material is properly processed – it is cleaned of unnecessary cells, blood and excess fluid. The presence of these substances could negate the final effect. The doctor then injects the target area. The filled place of implantation becomes tighter, smoother and more nourished. This is due to the reconstruction of tissues and the formation of new vascularity, which results in better oxygenation. The big advantage of lipofilling is that adipose tissue contains stem cells, i.e. ADSC (Adipose Derived Stem Cells). In turn, they stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen, which makes our skin elastic and firm. Stem cells have the ability to rebuild damaged tissues. The process of precise implantation allows not only rejuvenation, but also regeneration of the skin.

The best lipotransfer effect is achieved by combining it with other treatments, e.g. with platelet-rich plasma performed in our Clinic, also with the use of the Arthrex system.

The indications for lipofilling are, among others: loss of skin elasticity or the presence of wrinkles and volume losses in some parts of the face. In practice, we can use lipofilling to fill the valley of tears, cheeks, temples or to improve the oval of our face. Lipofilling will also be a good solution for people who want to improve the symmetry of their face. If you want to deal with the visible asymmetry of, for example, lower eyelids or cheeks, lipofilling will be the perfect solution.

What will be the effect of the treatment? The lipofilling effect will be visible almost immediately, but we will wait a few weeks for the result to stabilize. The treatment provides us with a spectacular and natural improvement in volume in a given area; quality of the skin along with its revitalization and rejuvenation. In addition, we can expect hydration and reduce laxity. Before the procedure, it is absolutely necessary to consult a doctor and learn about contraindications, such as pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Lipofilling has many advantages. First, it is characterized by high safety and good body tolerance. The cells of our body are used during the procedure, the process is 100% biocompatible and prevents the formation of unwanted allergic reactions. In addition, the great advantage of this treatment is the natural effects of the treatment, which more and more patients expect. In addition, we have the ability to combine our own adipose tissue with platelet-rich plasma, which will stimulate the regenerative processes of the body. Lipofilling is an attractive procedure in many respects. Thanks to our innovation, we are able to use it in various cases, depending on the patient’s needs. The treatment ensures safety, while obtaining a beautiful and natural effect.