Body – effective treatments for the upcoming summer

Spring time is doing not only mean planning vacations and trips, but also preparing the body for the upcoming summer. This is where aesthetic medicine is helpful, offering many effective solutions for people who want to improve their appearance. According to experts at the Dr. Stachura Clinic, there are several ways to have a beautiful and firm skin, it all depends on the condition of the body and the patient’s needs.

The loss of skin firmness on the body is a big challenge for modern aesthetic medicine, because patients are looking for methods that would be effective and non-invasive at the same time.

HiFu (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is a technology, which allows you to make a non-invasive facelift, which results in rejuvenation and improvement of tissue firmness and skin tension. The treatment does not require convalescence and can be successfully performed regardless of the season.

Thighs, buttocks and abdomen are the areas of the body that are most often treated with the HIFU – we focus on the result of slim and smooth legs and firm buttocks; in the case of the abdomen and sides/waist – we eliminate excess fat, improve skin tension; on the shoulders – we tighten the flaccid tissues, and in the knees and calves – we eliminate excess fat and loose skin above the knees.

HIFU is a non-invasive treatment that allows you to safely achieve spectacular results without the need for convalescence. In this method, ultrasound is applied to deep layers of the skin in a very precise mechanism, without damaging the epidermis or surrounding tissues. Currently, it is the only technology, apart from the surgical technique, that allows operation within such deep layers of the skin. The next most common skin problem is stretch marks and scars, which may be more visible in summer. Such changes during sun exposure are not very aesthetic, which is why patients often decide to eliminate them. The treatment may cover the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, breasts or back.

At the Dr Stachura Clinic, we offer two specific and effective solutions that will help you get rid of stretch marks and scars.

Microneedle radiofrequency – this treatment is an effective method of fighting stretch marks and lack of skin firmness. It helps eliminate virtually any types of stretch marks, regardless of their “age”, location and size – even the widest.

Microneedle radiofrequency therapy is based on stimulating the dermis with high-frequency radio waves. Thanks to this method, the skin is naturally stimulated to self-healing and regeneration, giving the effect of unification of epidermis, firming and even a gentle lifting.

You can get rid of stretch marks from any place on the body and at any time because it is one of the year-round treatments, it gives excellent results with minimal invasiveness. The great advantage of the procedure is a very short, several-hour convalescence period and maximum safety. The treatment does not require absenteeism from work and resignation from everyday activities. To ensure the effectiveness of this treatment, it is necessary to perform 3–4 treatments in series, at intervals of one a month.

For people who decide to fight stretch marks and scars, a more invasive method that brings immediate results after the first treatment is the use of a CO₂ fractional laser. The fractional laser technology is based on the use of a high-energy laser beam. During the treatment, single, extremely precise light pulses are sent to remove the unwanted top layers of the epidermis, as well as to cause microdamages to the skin at a deeper level. Thus, the skin naturally regenerates, creating a new, smooth tissue without visible changes in the epidermis. The accuracy of this method allows the laser to be used even in sensitive areas. 

At the Dr Stachura Clinic, we use a fractional laser, which perfectly and permanently fights stretch marks or scarring changes. However, it is a treatment that works deeply in the skin and therefore its use is associated with a longer recovery period of about a month, as well as with careful care of the treated area through the use of moisturizing creams and sunscreen. The treatment is not recommended as a “last minute” solution before the planned holiday because the skin should not be exposed to the sun immediately after the procedure.

At Dr Stachura Clinic we offer effective treatments that allow you to enjoy a beautiful body and figure in the summer, tailored to the needs and condition of the skin of each patient. Only experienced employees watch over the proper course of procedures we offer. Treatments take place in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere and with increased safety measures.