Photoprotection – an absolutely obligatory element of skin care

Protecting the skin against harmful effects of solar radiation is essential when it comes to proper and comprehensive care. It is widely known how harmful and dangerous the effects the sun has on our face and body skin when it is not protected against UVA and UVB radiation. It is absolutely essential in our care, not only in terms of aesthetics, but also health. If we do not want to accelerate the aging process of the skin and want to ensure proper hydration and firmness of the skin for many years, do not forget about appropriate protective cosmetics and limiting the time of exposure to the sun. In fact, it is something that we should remember every season of the year, but especially now, in the summer, we must take care of this aspect especially carefully.

Without proper protection of the skin against solar radiation and taking care of its proper level of hydration, any aesthetic medicine treatments will not bring the expected results. In addition to genetic conditions, it is the care and protection against external factors that has the greatest impact on the skin aging, as well as the development of various types of diseases, including dangerous cancers. The skin is affected by three types of ultraviolet rays. UVC rays, which are absorbed by the ozone layer, UVB rays that cause sunburns – the most visible to the naked eye effects of too much exposure to sunlight, and UVA rays, which are the most dangerous type of radiation because they reach the deep layers of the skin, are responsible not only for skin photoaging, its sagging and wrinkles, but also for neoplastic changes.

We cannot avoid sun exposure. Let’s remember about it not only during the holidays, on the beach or by the pool. When going to work, walking in the park or walking around the city, we are exposed to the same radiation as during summer sunbathing. What is more – it is active not only on sunny and cloudless days, but also reaches our skin through the clouds. Therefore, skin protection should be matched to the so-called skin phototype and must be used regularly. Our skin naturally has the ability to protect against solar radiation, but it is different in each person and depends on the amount of melanin produced. The more of this component our body is able to produce by itself, the greater the skin’s protective ability.

We can distinguish between the following skin phototypes:

  1. Hypersensitive or allergic to the sun – people with this type of skin sunbathe very hard, usually red, most often sunburn. The characteristic features of such skin are freckles, discoloration and a very light, even white shade of complexion. In this case, it is necessary to use sunscreen with 50+ SPF (Sun Protect Factor).
  2. Sun-sensitive skin – people who are sensitive to sun radiation find it difficult to sunbathe due to pale shade of their complexion. After sunbathing, there is often redness and a burning sensation, so it is recommended to use sunscreen in this case with a value of 30-50 + SPF.
  3. Moderately sensitive skin – people with such skin are less sensitive to sunlight, usually they do not get sunburned. Unpleasant effects after sunbathing occur only at the beginning, with time such a tan takes on a nice, brown shade. In this case, it is advisable to use filters with different values, in the first days of tanning with a higher value, up to 30+ SPF, then, if necessary, you can reduce the value to 15 + SPF.
  4. Skin not very sensitive to the sun – people with skin not very sensitive to the sun usually do not get sunburn, naturally have a light brown shade of complexion and relatively quickly acquire a golden tan. In this case, it is also recommended to graduate the values of sunscreens, starting from 30 + SPF in the first days of tanning, to 12 + SPF in the following days.
  5. Sun-resistant skin – this type of complexion has a natural brown color that does not burn or redden when exposed to the sun. However, this does not mean that the use of sunscreen is not necessary for these people. It is a fact that the protection used in people with dark complexion and high natural immunity may be weaker, but it certainly must not be completely abandoned. It is recommended to use filters with a value of 12+ to 6+ SPF

During the consultation with a dermatologist, it is worth discussing the topic of photoprotection and determining the appropriate type of your skin to choose the right care. Dr. Kamila Stachura especially educates patients in this field. A properly matched cosmetic with a UV filter, used systematically, will protect our skin against premature aging, loss of firmness, wrinkles and skin diseases.

After professional laser treatments at the Dr Stachura Clinic, patients are obligated to use photoprotection.

It is worth remembering that the offer of cosmetics with sunscreens includes not only typical sun lotions and creams, which we most often associate with a greasy, rich consistency. Currently, many makeup cosmetics have protective filters, even with very high values of 50+ SPF. Light day creams, foundations, creams, powders, lipsticks (let’s not forget about lips that are sensitive to the sun!), Even face and body mists that are convenient to replenish day protection have protective filters. There are many possibilities, everyone will certainly find the right protection method for themselves, but the most important thing is to remember how important it is to use SPF to ensure healthy and young-looking skin.