Effective laser hair removal

In recent years, especially before the holiday season, laser hair removal has become more and more popular. The dream of perfectly smooth skin without the need to regularly repeat traditional hair removal treatments applies to both women and men. Laser hair removal is the most effective method of fighting unwanted hair, it gives satisfying results safely. It is chosen especially by those, who experience skin irritation and allergic reactions when using traditional methods, or simply those who do not want to regularly repeat shaving or unpleasant hair pulling. What does the procedure look like? How should you prepare for it? What effects can be expected? A few words about it below.

Laser hair removal treatment means permanent hair reduction with the use of devices emitting high-energy light – lasers and IPL. This method works by heating certain structures in the skin that contain pigments such as melanin, the dye responsible for the colour of the skin and hair. By heating the hair and hair follicles with a pulse of light to a temperature of 70 degrees Celsius, hair is permanently damaged and removed.

At the Dr Stachura Clinic, we only work with world-class equipment that ensures the best results and complete safety. In our clinic, we perform laser hair removal with a medical laser from the American market leader which ensures high safety, comfort and effectiveness. The laser has 2 light wavelengths, which allow you to remove all hair types in various skin phototypes – it reduces both dark, light and thin hair, which is frequently considered impossible to remove with the laser method. The use of two laser beams allows for more effective hair removal, which translates into a smaller number of treatments. The efficient cooling system of the laser provides high comfort for patients and almost painless epilation.

Everyone who wants to undergo a laser hair removal treatment should consult a dermatologist first, who will determine the skin phototype, pay attention to moles and sensitive areas, and select an individually tailored treatment for our skin. Before deciding to undergo laser hair removal, you should remember about a few important indications:

  • Before the first treatment, you should completely stop epilation using other methods of hair removal – hair should only be shaved a few days before the treatment so that it gently protrudes above the skin surface. The hair removed with the root will simply be invisible to the laser beam.
  • You should limit exposure to the sun – the procedure is performed with a natural skin colour, so 3–4 weeks before the planned treatment, remember to use creams with a sufficiently high filter (more about photoprotection can be read in the previous blog post).
  • Retinol ointments, cosmetics with acids and those containing vitamins A and C cannot be used in areas that will be subjected to laser hair removal.
  • Drugs that may cause photosensitization and some herbs should be discontinued early.

For laser hair removal to be effective and lasting, 3 to 6 treatments are performed at intervals of 4 to 6 weeks. The need to repeat the treatment is since each hair undergoes changes in the hair cycle and effective depilation is possible only in the anagen phase (the active phase of hair growth, when matrix cells actively divide to produce hair) and as we know, not all hair grows simultaneously and at the same pace. The number of treatments depends primarily on the type of hair and skin. The procedure itself is very comfortable and immediately after it is performed, you can return to your daily activities, remembering, of course, to properly protect the skin against excessive solar radiation.

No side ailments are observed, in some cases, only a slight reddening of the skin may occur, which disappears after a few hours. For people who are highly sensitive to irritation, or in particularly sensitive areas, such as the bikini area, the skin can be anaesthetised with a special ointment about 1 hour before the procedure. Remember that the process of hair loss takes place between one and three weeks after the treatment. It is worth taking proper care of the depilated area during this time. For this purpose, use gentle moisturizing and soothing creams and lotions based on natural ingredients, without unnecessary fragrances and alcohols that may cause additional irritation

Certainly, laser hair removal has revolutionized the market of cosmetic treatments in aesthetic medicine clinics recently, and more and more women and men are interested in this procedure. It is the most effective method that gives a lasting effect of perfectly smooth skin. However, we should remember to decide to use the services of specialists, i.e. experienced doctors who will adjust the appropriate treatment to the individual needs and conditions of our skin. Only full professionalism and knowledge guarantee an effective treatment.