Body modeling without the use of the scalpel

Modern aesthetic medicine constantly verifies the needs of patients and adjusts its offer to changing conditions. Fast pace of life and frequent lack of time determine the trends in non-invasive treatments and those that do not require time for convalescence. More and more treatments can be performed all year. One of such solutions is the treatment performed with the world-class HIFU device, which is dedicated to patients who want to improve the oval of the face, lift drooping eyelids, rejuvenate the neck and cleavage, tighten the arms, abdomen, thighs, buttocks. Non-invasive full-body facelift with one revolutionary device! How is this possible? More about this in today’s post.

The device is based on the modern HIFU technology – High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, which emits concentrated ultrasounds at high frequency. Vibrations of sound waves increase the activity of skin cells, as a result of which, in the natural renewal process, tissues regenerate and new collagen is produced, responsible for skin firmness and youthful appearance. HIFU offers a wide range of possibilities to operate at different skin depths. Thanks to this, the process of skin reconstruction, even in its deep layers, is permanent and noticeable.

The procedure does not require convalescence and can be successfully performed regardless of the season. The most common areas of the body are the abdomen and sides, in these areas we eliminate excess fat and improve skin tension. Thighs and buttocks are also very popular, where we focus on the result of slim and smooth legs and firm buttocks. With the arms, we firm up the flaccid tissues, and around the knees and calves, we eliminate excess fat and loose skin above the knees, as well as slim the calves.

HIFU is a non-invasive treatment that allows you to achieve spectacular results on the body and is characterized by a high safety profile.

HIFU procedures can be performed on almost all parts of the body:

  • Face – improvement of the face oval, elimination of wrinkles and “double chin”, firming and rejuvenation,
  • Upper eyelids – lifting drooping eyelids,
  • Neck and cleavage – firming, elimination of cervical wrinkles, improvement of skin tension,
  • Arms – elimination of flabby skin,
  • Abdomen and sides – body lifting, improvement of skin tension and elimination of fatty tissue,
  • Thighs and buttocks – slimming, cellulite elimination, buttocks firming,
  • Knees and calves – improvement of skin tension over the knees, slimming.

Without the need to undergo surgery and convalescence, we can use HIFU to rejuvenate the skin, improve its firmness and perform a non-invasive lifting of places with excess fat tissue.

You do not need to prepare yourself for the procedure, nor does it require any reduction in daily activities after it has been performed. A significant aspect is to conduct a detailed interview with the patient before the treatment itself, which is aimed at selecting the appropriate treatment for the individual needs and condition of the skin. At the Dr Stachura Clinic, direct consultation plays a particularly important role and determines a specific treatment program for the patient.

During the HIFU procedure, continuity of the skin is not broken. The patient may feel a slight burning sensation and warmth, and for particularly sensitive people it is recommended to use anaesthesia to increase comfort. The procedure itself lasts up to about an hour, depending on the area of the body we are working on. The lifting and firming effect is visible almost immediately – the skin is tighter, and when contouring the face – the features are considerably rejuvenated. Renewal of collagen fibres takes place within 3–6 months, and it is after this time that a stabilized effect will be observed. An important fact when using the HIFU is that this procedure does not require repeating, the desired result is obtained after just one treatment, and it lasts up to two years. When performing the second treatment, we will definitely strengthen the effects and extend the effects over time.

HIFU is the most modern technology that provides spectacular rejuvenation effects for up to 10 years. It is undoubtedly a great alternative to plastic surgery due to its high safety profile and no convalescence period.

We always provide individual post-treatment recommendations in our clinic. Of course, as with all treatments, sun exposure should be avoided and appropriate photoprotection should be used. 

At Dr Stachura Clinic, we highly recommend the HIFU treatment to all people who want to model and rejuvenate their body in a safe, fast and effective way. This treatment can be performed at any time of the year, and only an experienced doctor watches over the accuracy and proper course of the treatment. The treatment takes place in a comfortable atmosphere and with increased safety / security measures.