Needle mesotherapy of the face

Facial needle mesotherapy has been a well-known and popular treatment in aesthetic medicine for many years. It is used on such body parts of as face, neck and cleavage. This procedure improves the appearance and condition of the skin, regenerates is, firms and shallows wrinkles. What is the needle mesotherapy treatment? Who is it dedicated to? See information below.

Needle mesotherapy is one of those treatments that give a quick, lasting and effective effect visible after the first treatment. The treatment involves injecting individually selected nutrient compositions into the deeper layers of the skin. Both active substances have a positive effect on the improvement of the skin condition and the process of micro-damage caused by punctures, in a way, “forces” the skin to self-regenerate and build new tissues. 

A very important aspect is the correct diagnosis, correct identification of skin deficiencies and appropriate selection of nutrients that will be introduced during the treatment. Needle mesotherapy involves inserting a microscopic needle to a depth of about 2-3 millimeters under the skin, which introduces a cocktail of active substances into the deep layers of the skin. Micro-punctures are made at an appropriate distance from each other. Before starting the procedure, the treated area is anesthetized with a special ointment in order to improve the patient’s comfort.

Facial needle mesotherapy gives fantastic results such as improved skin elasticity, elimination of wrinkles, protection against harmful external effects, firming and elasticity, making the face look younger and radiant. It is also an effective tool to fight skin discoloration or unwanted dark circles under the eyes. The most common ingredients that are used in face needle mesotherapy are hyaluronic acid and mixtures of vitamins individually selected by a dermatologist, Dr. Kamila Stachura, depending on the needs and expected effects.

But the face is not the only area that can be treated. The same effects are obtained after needle mesotherapy of the neck and cleavage. Additionally, it is also a great anti-hair loss treatment. Needle mesotherapy of the scalp improves blood circulation, regenerating the hair follicles, thus preventing hair loss and stimulating new hair growth.

The amazing properties of skin renewal and regeneration using mesotherapy can also be obtained in other areas of the body where we struggle with the lack of elasticity of the epidermis, cellulite, stretch marks, keloids. 

In addition to the factor of skin self-regeneration during needle mesotherapy, the most important role in performing this treatment is played by a properly selected mixture of active ingredients, which is composed by a dermatologist. An extremely important aspect of this stage of planning the procedure is a detailed interview with the patient, which includes not only the identification of skin problems that a given person is struggling with, but also information about the health condition, medications taken, illnesses or lifestyle. After a detailed diagnosis of the skin condition and an interview with the patient when planning the entire treatment, the doctor selects nutrients that will be introduced into the deep layers of the skin in such a way as to achieve the intended effects. Among the active ingredients that are used in needle mesotherapy, we can mention: 

  • hyaluronic acid with a moisturizing effect, thanks to which we will improve the tension and elasticity of the skin,
  • vitamins and minerals that stimulate skin renewal processes,
  • coenzymes that help speed up the process of tissue reconstruction,
  • nucleic acids that stimulate protein processes,
  • L-carnitine, accelerating fat burning (especially important in the fight against cellulite and when correcting the oval of the face),
  • biotin, or vitamin H, stimulates scalp processes and stimulates hair growth,
  • aminophylline, stimulates the metabolism of triglycerides,
  • Other combination preparations with a broad spectrum of activity.

Needle mesotherapy, like any aesthetic medicine procedure, has contraindications that should be considered. Among them, there are such contraindications as: pregnancy and lactation, herpes, anti-cancer therapy, epilepsy, blood diseases, viral hepatitis, heart disease, purulent inflammation of the skin, use of anticoagulants (aspiein, acard, heparin).

Many patients of the Dr Stachura Clinic ask: how often should the needle mesotherapy treatment be repeated and for how long are the effects visible? The effect of “dense” and firm skin is visible almost immediately after the treatment. Depending on the initial condition of the skin and the planned effect, it is worth performing a series of treatments, from 3 to 6, two weeks apart. In order to maintain the effects of needle mesotherapy, this procedure should be performed every several weeks in the form of a “reminder”.

Needle mesotherapy is a procedure that can be performed at any time of the year, also summer is not a contraindication, but you should remember about high sun protection after the treatment (and not only! It should be a permanent element of our daily care!). After the treatment, it is not recommended to use the sauna, swimming pool and increased physical activity, and it is recommended to drink plenty of water. 

In Dr. Stachura Aesthetic Medicine Clinic, we use the highest quality mesotherapy preparations.

We highly recommend the needle mesotherapy treatment to all people who want to quickly and effectively improve skin firmness and elasticity, get rid of mimic wrinkles and rejuvenate their appearance.