Lips – modelling, firming, enlarging in the Dr. Stachura Clinic

The lip augmentation, modeling and firming treatment has been the most popular aesthetic medicine treatment in recent years. It gives immediate visible effects and allows you to emphasize your beauty by adding sensuality. Lips that are proportional, moisturized and shaped add self-confidence and are an attribute of femininity. Today let’s talk about correcting, enlarging and emphasizing lips with the help of aesthetic medicine. We hope that this post will bring the subject closer to people who are considering performing this procedure.

Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid is not only about increasing their volume. Not every person wants to increase the size of their lips. It is worth emphasizing that some patients want to firm their lips. This treatment is also dedicated to those who have mouth asymmetry, i.e. when, for example, one lip is significantly smaller than the other or they are uneven. Modeling the lips also helps to eliminate the signs of aging, which are manifested in the lip area by vertical mimic wrinkles and drooping of lip corners. Thanks to the lip enlargement and modeling treatment, we are able to give volume and firmness to naturally small lips, mark their shape and deeply moisturize them, thanks to which we obtain the effect of a rejuvenated, fresh look. Remember that the lips, next to the eyes, are part of our face that we most often pay attention to when talking to and interacting with another person. Narrow, drooping lips around which vertical wrinkles appear can give the impression of a “tight” and strict expression on the face, and thanks to the lip correction we are able to mitigate this effect. A face with full and prominent lips usually appears more positive, fresher, happier and more sympathetic.

Many cosmetic products, even in drugstores, contain hyaluronic acid. It is used not only in lip products, but also in face creams and body lotions. It is a naturally occurring ingredient in human skin and is responsible for binding water molecules, i.e. for hydration and firmness. Hyaluronic acid protects the skin against dehydration, flabbiness and loss of firmness, and fights free radicals responsible for skin aging. It is an ingredient that is willingly used in aesthetic medicine, because being a natural component of human skin, it is very safe, does not cause allergic reactions and allows you to naturally improve the beauty and condition of the skin. 

The procedure of modeling and enlarging the lips with the use of hyaluronic acid consists in local injection of the preparation with a very thin needle. It is performed under local anesthesia with an anesthetic cream or, for people who are extremely sensitive to pain – stronger anesthesia can be used to eliminate pain and discomfort during the procedure. After injecting hyaluronic acid into the lip contour and the red lip, a gentle massage is performed to evenly distribute the preparation. The entire procedure takes about 20 minutes and does not cause serious side effects that would disable us from everyday activities. Most often there are more or less delicate swellings, redness or thickening of the skin, which disappear after about a few days.

After the treatment, we can expect the following effects:

  • increasing the volume of the lips and their firming,
  • improving the shape, asymmetry and contour of the lips,
  • improved hydration and color of the labial red,
  • lifting the corner of the mouth,
  • modeling of the “gutter” and cupid’s bow,
  • eliminating the possible disproportion between the size of the upper and lower lip,
  • eliminating wrinkles around the lips.

Before performing the procedure, Dr. Kamila Stachura determines with the patient what her expectations are and what effect the patient cares about the most. On this basis, it adjusts the amount and method of administered hyaluronic acid to obtain the desired effect. After the treatment, for the first few days, you should avoid excessive temperature fluctuations, so avoid sunbathing and using a sauna or solarium, as well as increased physical activity.

Hyaluronic acid is a component that is gradually absorbed in the body, which means that the effect of the treatment lasts about a year, but even after this time, the lips do not fully return to the state before the treatment. Because hyaluronic acid stimulates the production of collagen.

At the Dr Stachura Clinic, we use the highest quality, certified products to fill the lips. 

Remember that only a doctor, thanks to his extensive medical knowledge, can fully assess the risks and contraindications for an individual patient to perform the procedure (not only lip augmentation, but any aesthetic medicine procedure). A correctly performed surgery will not require corrections or unnecessary complications.

The ideal effect of enlarging and modelling with hyaluronic acid is firm, moisturized and full lips. The expected result after just one treatment, which will be carried out in compliance with all safety rules, is recommended to be performed only in aesthetic medicine clinics, only by an experienced physician.