Cutera Excel HR laser hair removal

Cutera Excel HR laser hair removal effective hair removal. The latest technology using Nd:
yag and alexandrite lasers, which permanently remove hair.


the only device in the world enabling face lifting without using a scalpel.

Cutera Excel V+

effective removal of spider veins, blood vessels and discoloration.

Treat yourself to rejuvenation of body and soul

Where nature meets bliss

At Dr Stachura Clinic, we care about your appearance as well as your soul condition. In an
era of constant lack of time, we forget about ourselves. A visit to our clinic will allow you to
take comprehensive care of yourself. Beauty, aesthetics, harmony, care and individual
approach to the patient are the priority values that guide our work. We heal both soul and
body. We invite you to our world of beauty.

Hyaluronic acid

The basic and necessary component of preparations used to fill wrinkles and give the right contour to selected parts of the face. “Elixir of youth”, firms, improves skin hydration and

VIVACE Microneedle radiofrequency RF

It improves elasticity, density and skin tone. Excellent results with minimal invasiveness.

Fractional laser CO2

Effective skin rejuvenation, removal of acne and postoperative scars, as well as burns, removal of stretch marks, warts and fibromas.


Professional and effective rejuvenating, revitalizing and nourishing skin treatment, counteracts the signs of the passage of time.


A regenerating, nourishing and rejuvenating treatment for the skin.

Regenera Activa

Effective fight against androgenetic alopecia

Dermatology, dermatosurgery and one-day surgery

Vascular surgery

Sclerotherapy, varicose veins, laser closing of vessels

Aesthetic gynaecology

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