Upper eyelid surgery – invest in a younger look

It is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. They are the first aspect of the face that we pay attention to. They betray our well-being, fatigue and mood. There is definitely something magical about them.

Unfortunately, there comes a moment when you can see the signs of passing time in your eyes. The drooping upper eyelids, excess skin around them cause aesthetic trouble, but also discomfort when applying and applying make-up, cause visual impairment, make the eye get tired faster, and wearing contact lenses is difficult.

Do these symptoms sound familiar? Perhaps you are already a candidate for upper eyelid surgery.

So who benefits best from this surgery?

Upper eyelid correction can be performed on adults without age restrictions. The treatment is growing in popularity and taking into account the research of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery from 2018. enjoys the greatest popularity among people in the age category between 51 and 64 years of age. The second category in terms of the number of procedures performed is the age category 35-50, and the third is 65+.

These studies rightly suggest that the most indications for the procedure are people over 50 years old when excess skin on the eyelids, often occurring fatty hernias and eyelid levy require surgical intervention. For these people, correction of the upper eyelids restores comfort in the functioning of the eyelids, but also definitely rejuvenates the entire facial image. In our clinic we observe very high interest in the procedure in patients over 35 years of age. This age group is usually the professionally active people, in whom often lifestyle, lack of sleep, daily routine begins to be visible on the face. Drooping eyelids and aesthetic discomfort associated with this is the main reason for undergoing surgery.

Although it might seem to us that upper eyelid plastic surgery is the best for us, remember that the final qualification is made by a doctor. Based on direct consultation and medical history, the doctor determines the rightness of the procedure and the scope of the procedure. 

How is the procedure performed?

The procedure involves a several-hour visit to the Dr Stachur Clinic. First, the patient has a direct consultation with the surgeon, and then the preparation for the surgery begins. Surgical correction of the upper eyelids in the Dr. Stachur Clinic takes place on a professional operating theatre. Local anaesthesia is used. During the procedure, the surgeon cuts out excess skin, if necessary it also removes fatty hernias. The cut is carried out in a place that allows you to hide the postoperative scar, namely in the natural collapse of the skin. The skin is sewn with thin threads. The procedure itself takes about an hour. After the procedure, the patient stays with us in the clinic under medical care for several hours. When leaving the clinic, the patient receives a set of necessary information about postoperative management. After returning home, rest is advisable. Exercise and activities requiring being with the head down are contraindicated. Stitches are removed after about 5-7 days. In the first week after the procedure, the eyes may be irritated, they may water, the eyelids may swell, and bruising may appear. After removing the stitches, these ailments will slowly go away and healing will begin more efficiently. After about 4 weeks, the eyelids will finally stabilize and the patient will enjoy the results of the treatment for good. It is worth mentioning that scar and tissue remodelling will still take several good months.

What are the benefits of undergoing surgery?

Upper eyelid correction surgery is one of the most graceful treatments due to the quick recovery time and quick post-operative results. Practically a few days after the surgery, we can return to work, unless we do physical work, then at least 3 weeks outside work are recommended. Patients after having upper eyelid plasters benefit from a fresher, younger, more rested appearance and claim that at least 5-10 years of life have gone away with the procedure. The eyelids do not cause any previous problems. Eyelid makeup lasts much longer, and the eyes do not give a feeling of fatigue. In addition, it should be mentioned that the upper eyelid correction procedure is a year-round procedure and therefore we can perform it at any time of the year. 

We just remember not to plan the treatment just before holiday in high sunlight or extreme freezing temperatures. What else should we pay special attention to? Smoking has a negative effect on healing and the final post-treatment effect. We always encourage you to stop this unhealthy addiction, if it is impossible, please limit smoking a few weeks before and after the procedure. Patients often ask, how long do the results last or, more colloquially speaking, for how long does the procedure last? It should be emphasized that the ageing process will continue, however, depending on many factors, such as lifestyle and health, the results of blepharoplasty may last up to 10 years. Surgical upper eyelid plastic surgery is liked by our patients. This is a grateful, year-round treatment combining both aesthetic values and improving comfort of life. If you are considering an alternative to surgical eyelid correction, you should consider treatment offered in our clinic – inoperable eyelid lifting using plasma. The treatment is described in detail on our website. If you have questions, please contact us.