Surgical correction of scars

A scar is a change of skin formed at the site of its damage and arises from fibrous connective tissue. Scar injuries are inevitable and their development is usually very difficult to predict. Depending on the type of skin damage (surgery, wounds after mechanical, chemical or thermal injuries), the skin heals in different ways, so that the signs of damage are more or less visible. Surgical correction of scars involves correcting their appearance because it is impossible to remove them completely. This procedure involves cutting it out and re-sewing in such a way that the scar after healing is less visible. Also important in this case are the patient’s individual predisposition to healing, but also following the doctor’s recommendations in the use of proper care and avoiding adverse factors such as solar radiation, skin tension at the healing site.

Indications and contraindication


  • unsightly scars,
  • scars incorrectly sewn,
  • scars limiting joint mobility,
  • psychological discomfort.


  • tendency to develop keloids,
  • smoking tobacco,
  • blood pressure and clotting disorders,
  • hyperthyroidism,
  • diabetes,
  • purulent dermatitis,
  • bacterial and viral skin infections.

In the Dr. Stachura Clinic, surgical correction of scars is performed by:

Surgical correction of scars - Pawel

Paweł Dec MD, PhD

Hand Surgery Specialist