Shockwave - vmat pro

Shockwave is a non-invasive treatment for the effective and long-lasting reduction of cellulite and lipid oedema

It works at the level of the dermis by reactivating fibroblasts responsible for the production of collagen and elastin at the vascular level by improving blood and lymph circulation, at the subcutaneous level by reducing adipose tissue and at the muscular level by toning muscles. 

It provides optimal results in terms of body firming, fat reduction and the elimination of signs of facial ageing.


  • combating cellulite,
  • reduction of fat tissue,
  • tightening of tissues,
  • reducing water retention in the body,
  • muscle toning.


  • face lifting,
  • improving skin firmness.

The shockwave treatment is painless. Only in some cases it is possible to feel a slight discomfort in the treatment area located near the bone.

The shockwave treatment provides visible and long-lasting results after the first treatment, but it is recommended to perform it in series.

Vibration massage complements the action of shock waves and supports their effectiveness, while making the treatment pleasant for the patient. 

Vibration waves make the skin firm and naturally smooth.

Shockwave treatment are performed by:

Shockwave - TomekRawicki

Tomasz Rawicki