Picosecond Laser

The picosecond laser is currently the most modern and versatile laser system. Ultra-short, picosecond pulses allow for obtaining results that have not been achieved so far.

The laser provides a strong, non-thermal photoacoustic effect by combining high-power and very short pulse duration to break down the dye without thermally damaging the surrounding tissue. It is therefore an excellent solution for the treatment of demanding skin types, while optimizing revitalization treatments.

Micro lens array – using a fractional lens and working with high-power picosecond pulses, fractional treatments with a very short recovery period are possible. We use this treatment to deeply rebuild the skin in case of loss of density or unevenness in its texture, and to treat scars and stretch marks.

Advantages of micro lens array therapy:

  • security,
  • short convalescence,
  • minimized pain sensations,
  • the highest efficiency,
  • the first effects visible after a few weeks.

Ultra-short pulses – a unique treatment using ultra-short pulses with the use of high energy to remove discolouration, uneven colour and deep skin reconstruction. The PICO Genesis treatment makes the skin smooth, radiant and brighter. Enlarged pores disappear and wrinkles become shallower.

Advantages of the ultra-short pulses treatment:

  • there is no burning sensation, pain or after peeling effect after the treatment,
  • the patient does not require convalescence and can return to routine almost immediately,
  • the procedure is almost painless and short.

Picosecond tattoo removal

Picosecond laser uses extremely short, high-power picosecond pulses that quickly and efficiently break down the dye molecules in the tattoo. A picosecond is one trillion part of a second (10-12 s) – 1000 times shorter than the nanosecond used in existing tattoo removal lasers. The application of energy in such a short time causes a photoacoustic phenomenon, the formation of a shock wave that mechanically breaks the dye particles.

The laser provides the ability to safely remove multicoloured tattoos in any location.

Laser tattoo removal is based on a series of several treatments during which the tattoo gradually brightens. The energy of the laser pulse breaks down the dye particles into smaller and smaller elements, which can then be absorbed and excreted by the body – as a result of natural physiological processes.

During the procedure, the patient may feel slight pain discomfort. To minimize them, we use local anesthesia before the procedure.

The treatment allows you to return to daily activity almost immediately. However, it is necessary to follow the recommendations received in our Clinic from Doctor Kamila Stachura.

Numerous scientific publications have confirmed that picosecond lasers are more effective, safer and more comfortable in removing tattoos. They also require fewer treatments than the nanosecond lasers used so far.

The versatile use of the picosecond laser:

  • black and colour tattoos,
  • permanent make-up,
  • skin rejuvenation and renewal,
  • laxity,
  • atrophic scars, especially acne scars,
  • stretch marks,
  • pigmentation disorders, melasma,
  • superficial and deep discolouration,
  • uneven skin tone.

Picolaser treatments are performed by:

Picosecond Laser - kamila stachura

Kamila Stachura, MD

Dermatology Specialist, Aesthetic Medicine Physician