Lifting threads

Threads are an effective procedure that is an alternative to more invasive, surgical procedures. The treatment gives an immediate lifting effect lasting up to 2 years. Smooths wrinkles, improves the face contour. It works on the skin: it tightens and firms. The great advantage is no scars, no special preparation for the procedure.

Threads lift, thicken and strengthen the skin, improve its elasticity and elasticity, stimulate the production of collagen and natural hyaluronic acid, reduce the visibility of wrinkles.

Depending on the doctor’s indications and the patient’s needs, we use different types of threads.

Indications and contraindications


  • correction of skin 
  • sagging and reduction of signs of aging, 
  • loss of skin firmness and tension, 
  • modelling of selected face parts, 
  • liquidation of the so-called “Hamsters” improvement of the face oval, restoration of volume in the zygomatic region.


  • active bacterial and viral infections, 
  • cancers, 
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding 
  • active herpes blood coagulation disorders.

Lifting threads are performed by:

Lifting threads - kamila stachura

Kamila Stachura, MD

Dermatology Specialist, Aesthetic Medicine Physician

Lifting threads - DrMonika

Monika Pakosz-Golanowska, MD, PhD

General Surgery Specialist, Aesthetic Medicine Physician

Lifting threads - nici liftingujace 1
Lifting threads - nici liftingujace 3
Lifting threads - nici