Labiaplasty is performed both for aesthetic reasons, to rejuvenate intimate areas, restore labia symmetry, firmness and youthful appearance, as well as for typical health reasons. Large asymmetry, hyperplasia of the labia minora is often the cause of very large, everyday discomfort. The protruding tissue is exposed to abrasions and damage, which are an open path for infections, which in turn lead to painful inflammation. Women complain of pain and difficulties in conducting normal physical activity. The problem is also the acceptance of the non-standard appearance of your genitals, often having a significant impact on sex life.

The treatment is dedicated to:

  • women with anatomical hypertrophy of the labia minora,
  • women whose small labia are the cause of inflammation, abrasions, swelling and irritation,
  • women in whom wearing fitted clothes is the cause of recurrent inflammatory and painful symptoms,
  • women for whom the size of the labia majora is an aesthetic problem.


  • Cancer,
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • genital tract infection
  • collagenopathies,
  • menstruation (the procedure can be performed a minimum of 2 weeks before menstruation),
  • complications after previous laser therapy

Methods of carrying out labiaplasty

The choice of method of performing labioplasty – surgical or laser – depends on the woman’s anatomical conditions and the effects we want to achieve. One should not talk about the advantage of any of these methods. Both after laser surgery and after classic surgery, the recovery period is similar. It is also worth emphasizing that some of the aesthetic effects are impossible to achieve with a laser.

Laser labiaplasty is a procedure involving the reduction of the labia majora and / or smaller, as well as their modelling using a specialized laser, which is used to remove excess labia tissue. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia.

The laser stimulates tissue coagulation, which prevents bleeding. Thanks to this, the risk of postoperative scars, swelling of the treatment area and discomfort after surgery is reduced.

By stimulating collagen production, the laser not only models the external intimate areas of the woman’s body, but also increases the firmness and elasticity of the tissue.

Surgical labiaplasty involves plastic surgery (change of shape) of the larger and smaller labia by means of surgery. Small labia removal eliminates hypertrophy and asymmetry of the labia minora. Excess tissue can be removed with a surgical knife followed by ligation of the bleeding vessels or electrocoagulation. The purpose of the surgical procedure is to significantly reduce or change the shape of the mucosal folds surrounding the entrance to the vagina (labia). Labia large labia is often performed due to atrophy – atrophy, which may be due to weight loss or loss of skin elasticity that occurs with age.

At the Dr. Stachura Clinic, labiaplasty procedures are performed by:

Labiaplasty - Anna Prekwa

Anna Prekwa, MD

Specialist in general surgery, certified doctor of aesthetic medicine

Labiaplasty - DrBrelik

Paweł Brelik MD, PhD

Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Consultant Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care, BSCCP Accreditation

Labiaplasty - DrAnetaCymbalukPloska

Prof. Aneta Cymbaluk-Płoska, MD, PhD

Gynaecology and Obstetrics Specialist