Combined therapy based on the synergistic action of fillers, hi-tech technology, cosmeceuticals and supplementation

Absolutely unique treatment consisting of two procedures. The treatment was developed by the leading brand and its effectiveness has been supported by research.

The treatment is dedicated to people open to a holistic approach to skin rejuvenation because this treatment takes place on many levels. The treatment combines various technologies, two procedures, care with professional cosmeceuticals and supplementation

The treatment consists of 2 procedures, i.e. two visits to the Dr Stachura Clinic. The first visit begins with preparing the skin for treatment, for this purpose, we use specialized cosmeceuticals. New Born Skin is used to thoroughly cleanse the skin of make-up and impurities, while maintaining the balance of the hydrolipid barrier. Bioretinol made from turnip flowers regulates the process of skin keratosis and smoothes its texture, while the ceramide complex helps rebuild the skin’s protective layer. The antioxidant tonic restores the optimal pH of the skin and perfectly prepares it for further stages of the treatment.

After preparing the skin for the treatment, we proceed with a unique moisturizing therapy ensuring skin biorevitalization. High concentration of hyaluronic acid (18 mg/ml) enriched with calcium hydroxyapatite gives fantastic results after the first treatment. Mesotherapy restores the skin’s vitality, makes it perfectly moisturized, smooth and firm.

The final step in the first procedure is the sterile mask. Due to high concentration of a wide spectrum of growth factors (oligopeptide-1-2, polypeptide 1-3-5-9-11), copper tripeptide and hyaluronic acid, the mask soothes the skin, stimulates it to regenerate faster and provides lifting effects. For the desired results, the mask is applied to the skin for 15 minutes.

A week after the first treatment session, we meet again at the Dr. Stachura Clinic for the second, final procedure.

The second visit begins with appropriate cleansing and toning of the skin using specialized cosmeceuticals to prepare the skin for the treatment. Then we perform the non-invasive, painless and effective thermolifting and water peeling. Termolifting uses infrared light to remodel collagen and intensely stimulates fibroblasts to produce new collagen fibres. The treatment effectively firms and visibly rejuvenates the skin

The next stage is the selection by Dr. Kamila Stachura of an appropriate filler based on hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid cross-linked with PEG is resistant to thermal energy. Thanks to this, it can be used in therapy combined with lasers, radio waves and ultrasound.

The final stage of the treatment is applying the soothing mask. The mask stimulates renewal of the skin and supports the process of synthesis of skin supporting fibres. After the mask, we put on the bestseller among cosmeceuticals in our clinic, a 30% concentration of the most stable vitamin C serum. This revitalizing serum intensively stimulates collagen production and lightens discolouration. The treatment ends with application of repair cream, which provides the skin with adequate hydration, strengthens the protective barrier and takes care of a balanced skin microbiome.

Additionally, as part of the treatment, the patient also uses the recommended supplementation and cosmeceuticals for home care. And it is this combination and specific intervals between subsequent procedures that guarantee brilliant results.

How effective this treatment is?

When conducting research on the effectiveness of this treatment, skin biopsies were taken before and after the treatment. Already 21 days after the first treatment, the increase in skin hydration was 45%, elasticity 60%, and the number of fibroblasts increased by 101%! These are amazingly good results. Additionally, the results after 150 days from the start of the therapy, i.e. after about 5 months, showed that the increase in flexibility was maintained at the level of 72%, and the increase in hydration at the level of 49%.

The foregoing is excellent proof of the long-term effects of the treatment. 

Treatments are performed by:

Combined therapy based on the synergistic action of fillers, hi-tech technology, cosmeceuticals and supplementation - kamila stachura

Kamila Stachura, MD

Dermatology Specialist, Aesthetic Medicine Physician